Another Taxi Story

In every work environment, there are always the clowns and the douchebags whose job is to make work more interesting and at the same time hell for the victims. So I was in a taxi; (I think I use these things too much, most of my stories begin from there. I should buy a car.)

So anyway, as we were stuck in traffic jam next to a boda boda stage, this very veryyyyy fat woman walks towards the boda boda cyclists and asks one of them to take her to wherever she was going.

After they haggle over a few less and a few more shillings respectively, they reach an agreeable amount and she sits.

As soon as she sat, the motorcycle lowered by more than half its unloaded height which sent his colleagues into uncontrollable lumpish laughter. It almost sent me in the same direction but my civilized nature had the lead on the situation. I just shut and watched the rest of the episodes unfold.

These clowns I talked about above, gave this woman and the cyclist hell. They told him that he will need to visit a garage and get new suspensions after “riding” that woman. Then one of these half-wits told the woman, to be easy on their small bodied buddy – I don’t know if he meant the motorcycle or the cyclist. Yeah right!??? We all know what he meant. It’s exactly what your 18+ mind is thinking.

I noticed how uncomfortable this made the woman and the cyclist but my civilized natured denied me the pleasure of laughing along with the rest of the passengers.

Then as if this wasn’t bad enough, when the cyclist kicked to start his boda boda, the woman held on to his waist so tightly which am guessing was because she feared to fall off. Now this, this sent the entire neighborhood around in unmanageable laughter as the situation had attracted a bit of attention from the idle neighborhood.

There was loud shaming laughter in unison and as the hovering bad luck would have it, the boda boda refused to start. Meanwhile in the background commentary from his colleagues could not be ignored, one of them yelled, “she should pay, she has broken your life’s savings.” And then before we could recover from that, one of them just buried the entire situation as he shouted, “the woman should pay double, she must have eaten her husband to reduce costs of transporting two people by paying for just the one we can see.”

My civilized nature couldn’t contain it anymore, it bust like an overloaded river bank into the same natured unmanageable laughter and I followed its lead and we died… Luckily, the boda boda started and they left. But they left us in laughter that seemed induced by a very, very hilarious comic.



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