The Blackberry Experience

In 2012, I owned my first Blackberry smartphone, a Blackberry bold 9700 running Blackberry OS 5. At that time, that was my dream phone. I didn’t care for iPhone or Samsung or HTC or whatever kids were into those days. Blackberry was as sophisticated as I like my things to be, the battery life was incredible, the push email service worked impeccably, Blackberry services provided me with unlimited data and generally that phone looked good as hell.

Along the way I updated it to Blackberry OS 6 and enjoyed some amazing features and upgrades. The time I spent with this phone were my best phone years in life. And before moving to this I was using a Nokia N95 another top of the range smartphone which I had owned for quite some time as well. My Blackberry was named Vanessa. A thing about me is that I name my devices because I am usually very much in love with them and I have a special sentimental attachment to them.

My Blackberry was my best friend and my girlfriend. We did almost everything together. I was very much addicted to it at school I was referred to as “the kid that’s always on his Blackberry.” Well I had all reasons to, this was a futuristic device from Blackberry then known as RIM (Research in Motion). The Operating System was smooth, despite the long boot time. The freezing was almost never there, the phone had prompt multitasking capacity, the LED notification light was such an unbelievably handy feature, it was complicated enough, it was secure enough, the apps were just enough – it’s just that people tend to want to have their phones packed with apps yet they use less than half of those on a daily. I always choose to be reasonable with what applications I put on my phone.

Anyway, fast forward, I later had to get rid of it after it got some serious battery issues and for me this is the easiest way to get me fed up of a phone. Battery life matters a great deal to me because I do most of my work from my phone. In preparation to retire it, I purchased an iPhone 4 running iOS 7 and what an experience! Apple has their game so well put together their devices are amazing. I enjoyed the time I used iOS but it still didn’t feel as efficient and as satisfying as the Blackberry. Well I moved on to an LG Escape, then to an Android tablet, then to a Samsung Galaxy Grand – which is the first phone I ever lost, then to another Samsung from a friend which I borrowed after I lost my phone and a few days ago, order was restored.

After months of contemplating as to what device to acquire, I finally settled for one of Blackberry’s latest smartphone, the Blackberry Z10. It was always in my plans but it was out of my price range. This is still a very expensive phone. But as the good Lord always has it for me, he listened to my silent small prayers and I landed on an incredible offer for it. I immediately took the offer and a Brand new Z10 was delivered to me.

I was with my best friend and when it was handed to me, I told him “finally, I am back home.” He is also another huge Blackberry enthusiast. He has owned a Blackberry curve before and in a few months he will be purchasing a Q10 as well. He is currently using a beaten up Samsung S3 which for some reason he has refused to case hence all its damages from the falls.
When I got home, I fully charged it and didn’t sleep that night. I stayed up all night updating its applications and logging into accounts and setting it up as well. I am such a Blackberry fanatic that two years later I still remembered my Blackberry ID. Once the device was set up I enjoyed it throughout the night.

Here is what blew my freaking mind right off; the shape and design. These boys and girls at Blackberry sat down and designed a masterpiece. The phone is not too big to feel uncomfortable, it’s just big enough. It slips comfortably right into your pockets and stays there almost unnoticeably. That’s how comfortable it is. It is so beautiful the need for a case for it does not arise and especially that it’s so cleverly crafted, it won’t break or damage easily even when dropped.

Then now let’s get into the features. First of all, the Blackberry OS 10 is smoother and easier to use compared to the older versions on the older phones. The Blackberry Hub was such a clever invention it saves you all the trouble of navigating through your apps to respond to those notifications. Everything is efficiently availed in one place. The camera is super amazing, it’s 8 Megapixels but whatever software enhancements that they accompanied it with are really doing an impressive job bringing out the detail and color in the photos. The internal space is just enough. Mine has 16 GB and people let’s be honest, that space is enough? I never understand the need for people to carry series and all their movies and music albums on their phones! For Christ’s sake it’s not meant for all that. It’s meant for what you need on the move. Therefore I believe that 16 GB is just enough for anyone that uses their phone reasonably.

The shortcuts are also another very impressive improvement, when you swipe down you have that panel with short cuts to brightness, notifications, flashlight, settings, network  and the best part is you can customize it and put whatever settings options you want to easily access.

I later noticed my phone needed a software upgrade to OS which I did, and WOW!!!!!!! I have never enjoyed a software upgrade the way I am enjoying this one. This phone and this OS are a love letter to Blackberry smartphone legacy from the people at Blackberry. I have never known or held or even used a phone so perfectly engineered like the Z10. Blackberry has just been very unfortunate that in the time they were not producing smartphones, apple, Samsung and other companies quickly sprouted and took over the market. They attracted all Blackberry smartphone users with better features, better designs and new technology. We humans are naturally attracted to newer things but all those attractions have now come to blackberry and they are even better than the competition.

And now you have no excuses especially android users. You’ll be exceedingly impressed to know that Blackberry smartphones running BBOS 10 can comfortably accommodate android applications. I have all my android applications running smoothly on my Z10. No lags, no freezing, nothing of the sort, they flow just impeccably. And this not by coincidence, Blackberry intended it and to make it even easier for you to get them, they have included Amazon apps an app store that brings you your favorite android apps. Now you have two app stores on your phone, you have the Blackberry World and Amazon. Your complaints about BlackBerry having very few applications just became invalid.

Then the interface was improved massively, the applications look very light, they are not thick at all and they almost look like they are stickers on the phone screen. They look very attractive with incredibly deep colors. The whole interface has been tweaked and it looks super classy and sophisticated. This phone and this OS are just the best thing to ever happen to anyone that wants value for their money in a smartphone that not only defines class, but is packed with incredible features, looks very beautiful wait!!! Attractive, the Z10 looks very attractive, it feels good to hold, it is very light, it is perfectly engineered by the brilliant minds at Blackberry and the battery life is as legendary as the ancient Blackberry phones.

It’s not even been a week with this phone but it has completely blown my mind. I am impressed and seeing the improvements they have made to their devices and operating system, I have no doubt that if Blackberry continues on this path they just might reclaim their throne as the king of the smartphone business. They just need to push and market and advertise because what they have done here is magnificence worth sharing with the entire market.

Therefore I have no shred of doubt that Blackberry is still the best smartphone in the world. I could have given you the details of their upgrades and improvements but as you see this post just became too long. Just hit up a phone store near you and purchase one of these, if you appreciate pure genius, class, superb invention and efficiency that surpasses what we have made a standard, then I have no doubt you’ll be holding the world’s best smartphone as well.

I didn’t even talk about the amazing virtual keyboard, the virtual assistant, the newly organized gallery and music applications etc… there is just too much good about this phone.

I am 100% a satisfied Blackberry client and I am happy to be back home.

Well done Blackberry, well done.

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