How To Get A 2015 Smartphone From Your Parents


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“Why do you need an IPhone 6,” your parent will ask. “What’s wrong with your Nokia Asha 200?”

I have come to a not so shocking conclusion that parents might never understand why we crave better and more powerful smartphones. Let’s see what they use their phones for; calls, a bit of texting and lately Whatsapp, Facebook and email. That is basically it.

And because they use their phones for this, they imagine that’s exactly what one would need a phone for.

Therefore when you ask for a newer more powerful phone, they obliviously out reason you and you eventually don’t get it.

But for us a phone is more than just calls, a bit of texting and Whatsapp, Facebook and email. A phone is for all the above and twitter, Instagram, good camera (8 pixels and above), enough storage space (16GB and above) for videos and music, big screen for it is trendy and gives more space for viewing things, front camera for selfies, strong processor for gaming, enough ram (2GB and above) for smooth multitasking, HD display for good viewing, the latest Operating System for all the new cool features, strong battery to take me through the day, other loads of free cool apps from developers etc… and the latest design from the manufacturer if you will.

Parents will never understand these things. After all none of this matters to them. That’s why when you ask for a new and expensive phone next time, please tell them this;

“This phone that I want has the capacity to store a number of numerous essential apps.” “Like what,” they’ll ask.

This is where you go all out on them. “The timetable app, the nutrition app, the sleeping pattern app, the jogging app, the app that tracks your reading habits, the friend zone app, the concentration app, the mosquito app, the Bible app, the e-banking app, the choir app, the weather app, the jobs app, the text books app, the scanner app, brainteaser games, the library app, anti-dosing app, heartrate app, coaching app, sports app, good manners app, bible stories app, etc…”

If by half way the above list they haven’t written you a cheque or made a promise, you are just as unlucky as the guy that found his wife sleeping with his best friend after he’d just gotten fired. Your fate has been decided and your selfies will always have pinhole camera pixels. And FYI, no one likes those on Facebook anymore.

Get a job!



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