Hello people,

Allow me to hype you about this week’s countdown. First, we (Uganda) make a return with the perfect representation that is slated to go global. If you are down and in need of motivation or in need of realization of all that you need to be thankful for, this jam is for you.

Then this week presents hot insane collaborations.

I won’t ruin it, here you go;

1. After Hours – Glasses Malone ft. Dom Kennedy

This number one may come as a shock to most of you as seeing Glasses Malone had completely vanished. He must be one of those we consider having a dead career. But well, if you love to party, have a good time, meet great people and at the end of the night want to do it all over again, this is going to be your anthem from now on.

2. Victory – Flex D’paper ft. Ruyonga, Andy Music & Levixone

Uganda always has a lot to offer the world, but we always choose to give you a little something and keep the anxiety well capped. And true to that, we give you two of Uganda’s endless list of finest, Flex and Ruyonga as they preach a message of victory. Levixone whom I believe was on the chorus is also inexplicably awesome. Perfect representation guys. Great job.

3. Golden – Travie McCoy ft. Sia

Travie McCoy comes and goes. When he goes, he completely goes. But when he returns!? It’s like fire has been lit in HELL – impossible right? Well the sound he delivers with Sia on this song could have been thought impossible to make yet this dude made it. So nothing, is impossible. Where is your faith???

4. Paid – Da Les, AKA & Burna Boy

South Africa and Nigerian connect again and it’s that Da Les & AKA meet Burna Boy again. If “All Eyes on Me” is anything to go by, then you definitely know what to expect on this one and they do not disappoint.

5. I’m up – Omarion, Kid Ink & French Montana

So Omarion had just one super hit on this latest album and some said that’s where his career “Post to Be.” He begs to disagree. Together with Kid Ink and French he brings you another potential “Post to Be” hit Level kind of song. Let’s see how it does.

6. Like a Hoe – Dej Loaf

Hottest female act out right now? Hell yeah she is. This song is nothing short of the level of creativity and awesomeness we love her music for. The beat is catchy, the flow is perfectly paced and she delivers as she always does.

7. On the low (remix) – Angel Ft. Jeremih, Eric Bellinger, Wretch 32 & Dappy

Frankly I thought this song would be number one this week as it is the most played song in my phone currently. But the above 6 songs are something else too. However, these gentlemen did not spare anything or anyone, they straight up presented what I consider to be the sickest more than 2 artists collaboration out right now. Jeremih was effortless on that chorus as usual.

8. Glory to God – King Los ft. R,Kelly

King Los and King Kels on the same track. Two kings, one kingdom? The kingdom created on this song is big enough to accommodate both kings and this song is incredible. R.Kelly executed a verse that still leaves in utter amazement and acknowledgment of the creativity and delivery this gentleman can bring.

9. Time And A Place – Chris Brown

Breezy never tires. He is always working to do better and be better. This song is not at the level of what Chris has made a norm, but its unique sound and presentation make it a potential hit song. It will all depend on the audiences that receive this one. To truly appreciate what Chris did with it, you need to be one of those with a good ear for great music.

10. Do it – O.T.Genasis ft. Lil Wayne

If you are in love with the “Coco” you will definitely love what O.T.Genasis has done with Lil Wayne. He is not sleeping and busking in the success of “Coco,” he is already working tirelessly to give us another hit song and maybe this is it? I don’t know. Be the judge.


Cheerleader – Omi

Fellows, we just got a new term for your ride or die chic. It’s time we gave “ride or die” it’s well deserved retirement and adopted to calling these beautiful loyal women “Cheerleaders.” A cheerleader supports you no matter how down you may be and even when you lose she doesn’t party with the other team. Just listen to how Omi puts his explanation for this loyal chic.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.


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