Women & Their Toys


Courtesy of redpepper.co.ug

Men, we love our toys (cars), I swear to God if anyone does anything to my car (which I don’t have yet, just thought I let this out in advance), so anyway, I swear to God if anyone does anything to my car I’ll make sure I inflict a permanent reminder. This could be financially or physically depending on how the conversation goes after you have done that something to my car.

Women on the other hand, not so much, they don’t really care about their toys. As long as the car is big, can move and is better than all her friends’ cars, she’s good.

Today while seated in a foul-smelling taxi heading to town, I looked outside my window and I saw a small brown young lady in a Range Rover Sport autobiography. Those that have no idea, that’s the latest and presumably the last of the Range Rover Sports. The Range Rover was royal blue with no tint in the windows and I could see this very beautiful young lady quite clearly.

I didn’t think much into it, it could have been her husband’s car.

Later on my way back from town, I meet another very pretty woman in a 2014 Mercedes Benz C120 with her very adorable chubby child who was playing in the passenger seat.  The Mercedes Benz was black also with no tint so I saw her and her child quite clearly as well.

This time I unavoidably thought much into it.

I love cars. A lottttttttt. Top Gear UK is one of my favorite TV shows and I have a huge collection of almost all its seasons which I got from my dad. Mercedes Benz is my dream car and that Range Rover Sport is on my dad’s “hope to buy soon” list. So naturally I am drawn to them.

But today it wasn’t about the cars. It was about the women that were driving those cars.

When I saw these women and that feeling that occurred to me but I never paid any mind, I later realized that I have never been more attracted to a woman.

Forgetting how attractive they looked in those high end, super luxurious, expensive world class powerful cars, these women were the ideal woman.

They looked highly successful, they displayed a classy elegant taste in wheels, they looked more beautiful than they probably are, they looked important, they looked smart, they looked very valuable to whatever organizations’ they worked for and in general they were the most eminent of women in society.

I had never imagined just how attractive women look in those mighty powerful vehicles. Such vehicles being driven by a woman say too much about her and today I realized what that too much is.
On that note, future wife, you better make those millions boo, I need to see you looking all that in that 2020 Audi Q7.



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