Wouldn’t it be really cool to date a girl who’s cooler than you?

No really, think about it? If your girlfriend was so cool that you were a fan of how cool and in style she was, how much more attractive do you think that would make her?

For someone like me who is a music and technology junky, it would be extremely arousing if my girl knew a lot about music and tech before I get to know about it. She’d be really good because I live for this. I get new music and albums every day and I have an app that brings the latest in tech news directly to my phone.

Imagine dating a cooler version of yourself. Whatever you are into, she’s into it too but only better at it. Just how sexy would this be?

Women in general love their “things” and they often lead to the categorizing of “oh! That’s a guy thing.” But does it have to be my thing alone?

If I woke up one morning and as I moved towards the living room I heard an unfamiliar smashing sound from the home theatre speakers, and just as I was beginning to nod in approval of its splendid sound reaching for my phone to “Shazam” it, I found my girl was the one playing the latest Jhene Aiko song that features maybe The Weeknd, just how stirred up do you think I’d be?

Or as you dosed off in the couch during the reading of the national budget like our leaders here do, she was fully awake and when you get up she fills you in like she participated in its drafting? As she does her smart political talk all you are seeing is incomprehensible attraction flowing from her beautiful mind. If politics is your thing my man, she’ll be comfortably budgeting her way into your heart.

Or she watches soccer with you and seems to have all her analysis and facts as accurate as yours should be. I hope the eroticism this will bring for you is generous enough to not let her be the captain when the doors are closed and clothes are not where they were made to be.

Dating someone as cool as or cooler than you would just be the most aphrodisiacal thing ever. Think about it. Whatever you like and whatever you are, she’s better.

Personally it is something I know, I have dated someone like that before, – BEST CHIC EVER!


Ps; When we make 100 likes on my Facebook page, a Kimani surprise awaits.

Visit the link below.

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