Hello there,

Another long week has come to an end. I have never been this excited about a week.
First, my sincere apologies for delivering this segment late, I started weekend classes today for a certification course in Networking and it occupied me the entire week.  It is the biggest thing I was looking forward to this week among others and thankfully everything worked out as anticipated.

And I was also looking forward to an album that still hasn’t leaked – I am really disappointed there.

On the bright side, this week’s countdown still presents good music although this week presents a lower quality compared to last week. I think last week had incredible music and it’s one of Music’s greatest weeks here.

Now let’s see what we have this week;

1. Fans Mi – Davido Ft. Meek Mill

Davido has kept it 101% representing Africa on bigger and greater stages as his career grows. This week, we see him alongside Maybach Music rapper Meek Mill the man not many would say are happy he is engaged to the full-bosomed Nicki Minaj. These two gentlemen do what I call the best of both worlds and they impressively sing their way to the number one slot this week.

2. New Guy – Sarkodie Ft. Ace hood

Sarkodie is another music magnate from Africa who is on the world stage this week. The amazing Sarkodie features Ace Hood on his latest single whose beat and lyrics will give you with missed feelings. It’s not until you snap out of the amazement of the collaboration that you’ll realize that they present an extra-ordinary song together.

3. Sorry to Interrupt – Jessie j, Jhene Aiko & Rixton

Jessie J brings her strong vocals to flawlessly blend them with Jhene Aiko’s calm voice and accompany all this with the sound from the British pop band Rixton to give summer another song to jam to. Girl power perfectly dominates on this song and Jessie J’s strong powerful voice amazingly goes well with Jhene’s calm serene vocals. This I didn’t see coming. I expected a vocal clash that would be artistically played off but none. It is all naturally effortless and it is beautiful.

4. Renegades – Jasmine V

Jasmine V can surely hold her own. Her 2014 “That’s Me right There” EP left a lot of us yenning for more of her music. After a long time of forgotten anticipation she has finally granted that desire with a song that displays her unique music delivery in a style that could become a norm.

5. Awwright – Fabolous

Loso has had a couple of tracks out these last few weeks but knowing how exceptional this un-aging rapper is, it is not hard to imagine the level of articulateness and freshness he breathes on a track. This is a dope rap song, it has a video out as well and I believe Fabolous remains the god we already know him as a quality that’s brought onto the number 5 song of this week.

6. Nightmare – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus found her sound when she made a comeback with her 2013 album “Bangers” which was utterly mind blowing. She evolved and for the first time ever I owned a Miley Cyrus album. This new single will remind you a lot of the Miley on “Wrecking Ball.” The song is beautiful and Miley does well to employ her newly rediscovered music self with all the aspects we adore about her music.

7. Love The Most – Safaree Ft. marques Anthony

Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend just might be revealing too much on this song. You are about to find out the power of a song that draws its inspiration from the heart. It is a great song and this can equally be attributed to Marques Anthony who does what he was brought on board to do which he does exceptionally.

8. Freaknic – Mila J Ft. Future

Mila J might not be where she wants to be as yet, but she is surely gunning for that top position at a pace that will get her there in not time. She lets her calm vocals take the lead and deliver what we love them for and she has Future to supplement to present an amazing track.

9. BRRRR – Fat Trel Ft. Wale & Rick Ross

Fat Trel has a lot of music in circulation now and personally I am loving this music. Rappers often take time before they can comfortably establish a sound that the fans will love, but Fat Trel seemed to do this real quick. He features the MMG rappers Rick Ross and Wale, and speaking of Wale watch out for his matrimony video featuring Usher which is absolutely incredible.

10. All I know – Bow Wow

He recently quit Cash Money and returned to Jermaine Dupri and Snoop Dogg, was it a good move? Hell yeah it was! He has released two songs since and I Bow Wow is steadily getting back on his musical feet. This new single is an awesome track where Bow Wow displays a lot of maturity and progression with his career. I love it and I think this dude has always been amazing it’s just that the wrong management can kill a good artist.


Girls from Kampala – Benezeri

I haven’t really gotten exclusives from Ugandan musicians in a while, thus I hardly feature Ugandan music here of late. But for the bonus you should watch out for the incredible Benezeri’s hit song which did not go as the title seems to suggest. If you think you’ll be hearing about how girls from Kampala dress and what they do, you are about to get thrown off that trail with how cleverly Benezeri wrote this song.

Ps; When we make 100 likes on my Facebook page, a Kimani surprise awaits.

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