Dear Girlfriends

Dear girlfriends,

When we promise that we will be there for you and do whatever we can for you, we mean that in situations that concern us (me and you).

When you are broke, it concerns us and we will give you the money if we have it. When you need that new dress, it concerns us because you’ll be happy and look hot for us so we may buy it for you et cetera… you get the drill.

However, when you pick a fight with some other girl from the hair salon because she chose the same hair style as you, then I am sorry that concerns just you. Some of your battles will have to be fought alone and that is just one of them. Personally, I am proud of you for being a trend setter for that other “basic b*tch” like you called her. I am happy your fashion sense is so infectious she caught a case of it.

Asking me to help in that personal battle that doesn’t concern me may be a little bit of a problem sweetheart. I suggest you deal with that alone because frankly that “basic b*tch” may be quite an abuser and if she insults us together, we may have to find you a new hair salon and I like this one because it is affordable.



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