How My Baby Ended My Marriage

Earlier today in a taxi straining to mind my own business, I overheard one of the passengers (a woman) telling her friend how her baby spoke for the first time yesterday. I was excited for her because of how joyous she was while telling the story.

She continued with her story and minutes into the story she tells her friend how the baby said “dada” (to mean daddy) but it was saying it to the houseboy.

I don’t know about you who’s reading this but personally, I think this needs to be investigated. It could be bare coincidence that the baby said its first words while the houseboy was playing with it. However when the husband gets back and that baby is still calling the houseboy “dada,” it will cease to be a mere coincidence.

I foresee a paternity test and someone might get beaten and fired. And if proven otherwise, I see her narrating a story with this articles’ title.


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