The Unnamed School Bullies


“Take this wooden spoon. Do you know the ant colony behind the senior one dormitory?” Yes sir I know it. “Good. Now go and dig up the biggest and tallest anthill of them all. When you are done, find the queen and bring it to me,” the unnamed school bully would arrogantly shout at you with so much unnecessary fury.

The manipulable students often took that wooden spoon and commenced with what the unnamed bully (read teacher) had tasked them to do. This mission was like climbing Mt. Everest in ankle socks, speedos and a yellow vest with ice cream as your food for the journey; – PERFECTLY IMPOSSIBLE.
But they gave it a shot anyway.

An unnamed bully (again read teacher) walks into class and you are standing up during prep time. Without inquiring why, the punishment is to go and sweep the entire school compound or kneel down in front for hours as the other students are utilizing this time to read.

An unnamed bully (again read teacher for the last time) finds you having your break time snack a few minutes past the allocated time. He orders you to dump your food in the trash bin, and walk to class. He expects a hungry child to walk into that physics lesson and grasp the information like the other greedy student that devoured a buffet during the break time.

(In a radio announcer’s voice)

“Are you talking to your neighbor in class?” Yes I am! “Okay then, congratulations.” Thank you sir. “You just won yourself an interminable supply of kiboko (canes) for the remaining days of the school term.”

“Did you read hard but things just didn’t go as planned.” Yes, I even consulted teachers for help. “Are you the worst performing student in your class?” Unfortunately yes. “Well, I’ll beat the crap out of you and constantly remind you of how dumb you are and how you are wasting your parent’s money instead of finding a logical approach to help you improve your grades.”

What is my point here? Teachers exercise absolute unquestionable power in some of the schools we went to or will send our children to that they become the unnamed bullies.

They terrorize(d) children and as a result the zeal to be in school is suddenly suppressed and it isn’t a thrill anymore.

The way we stand up for the kids that get bullied by fellow students, we should stand up for the kids that get unreasonable punishments / get bullied by their teachers.

Personally, I’d drag that teacher to the deepest corner of hell and set him on fire if he subjected my child to such punishments because of the self-important attitude they tend to walk around school with.

Otherwise, they build the nations and I respectfully applaud them for their work.



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