“I Was Tempted,” You’ll Say

Seated innocently in the couch watching TV

“Hey, I have a nifty idea. It is a bit sneaky but I promise, nobody will ever find out about it. I want us to go somewhere alone and I’ll tell you what I want you to do for me. I can guarantee you that I will do my part only if you do yours. I’ll make you look great, you just need to trust me.

You look a bit worried, but it’s nothing to worry about. After a few seconds the nervousness will wear off and you’ll love it. Plus it’s a trend now, everyone is doing it. No one will ask too many questions when they hear about it as long as they don’t see. And you are old enough, you don’t need anyone’s consent to do this. Let’s just go somewhere, maybe even the bathroom.”

He / she will convince you and to the bathroom, you’ll go

“Now, slowly take your clothes off. Yeah, I mean everything. Wow! Those clothes really do hide too much. You look flawless without them. How about you give me something to remember your beautiful body by?

Be gentle with me, do not drop me. Take your time and focus, give me the best of you. I usually make sounds but if you want me to be quiet, you can change me. Are you ready because I am? Alright, let’s make this memory”


And that’s how your 16 megapixel “smart”-phone camera enticed you into taking a nude selfie that probably leaked or will leak. These smartphones are dump like Trey said, but smart enough to get you making really bad decisions. So be careful. When it goes viral, you’ll be called to explain and when your mouth opens, all that will come out is the title of this article.

Wait!? You didn’t think this article was…? Ho Ho!!!!! Shame on you and your dirty mind.

NB: Please remember to feel guilty for whatever imagery was going through your mind as you read this.



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