Why You Can’t Lie About Your Shopping Anymore

In Uganda – oh! My poor country Uganda! Anyway, it is now a normal scene to see people carrying their shopping in their bare hands. It is so normal it has become a trend of some sort. The entire mall knows what you have shopped as soon as you step outside the supermarket.

So no more tweeting about how you just bought cake for tomorrow’s breakfast, we all see you carrying a small loaf of bread. Stop lying! It’s right there in your hands for Christ’s sake.

The shame is that it’s the leading and largest supermarkets that are subjecting their clients to this poor and unacceptable customer care.

Last weekend, Shoprite and Game Lugoogo treated us to this uncivil trend and no one seemed to care.

After paying for our shopping, the employees just stood there like everything was going according to plan. Sighting total disregard of the customers standing there vexed with the lack of packaging for their shopping, I approached one of them and asked for it. She arrogantly told me, “We donti (don’t) have.” I was a bit disturbed by her lowbred response so I asked her, “What do you mean you don’t have?” She replied, “We donti (don’t) have. Didinti (didn’t) you bulingi (bring) yowaz (yours)?”

I walked back to my family in amazement and at this point we split the shopping and each carried items out as we headed back to the car.

On our way out, I noticed a lot of people had their shopping in their hands, participating in this disgraceful act to the loyal customers of this incompetent supermarket. Some people had even already gotten with the program. They didn’t ask questions, after paying for their items, someone would immediately carry their watermelon out of the supermarket in their hands like it’s what’s supposed to happen.

Since it was all dramatic, they might as well have carried it on their heads and frog jumped out of the supermarket.

So apparently this has become a common scenery in Kampala. I am awaiting a “carry your goods out of the supermarket challenge,” where we take selfies to see who is carrying the weirdest item from their shopping. This is where people will carry jackfruit (you better not be bald), raw meat and live hens on their heads for no reward. SMH!!!

All comedy aside, someone do something about this. It is so disrespectful to us and our hard earned cash. 


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