How Was Your Day Today?

Today was a great day. Hard work and persistence finally paid off and the zeal to keep getting better finally got me a mighty step closer to achieving one of my greatest dreams.

They say, “True passion, dedication and the constant hunger to be better does not need to be advertised. It speaks for itself through what you create,” who said that? I just did. Therefore you can go ahead and quote me.

What I learnt today was a valuable lesson 19 years of school did not teach me. They did not even attempt to hint on it.

I learnt that opportunity is like living in a desert. When you live in a desert you know you will find an oasis at some point. But what you don’t know is when and where and how. But you have the faith that you will, because eventually everyone does. Or almost everyone does.

Living in a desert, I think you’d be the desert’s greatest fool to find an oasis and ignore it because it doesn’t have as much water as you desire. And you are not willing to settle for less. That’s a record breaking fool right there.

The wise man, would drink from that oasis, collect enough water to survive and facilitate his journey to finding the oasis that has water he will be content with.

That’s opportunity. It comes in different sizes and value and benefits. However small, take it, use it as a stepping stone to learn more, better your skills, survive  and look out for the next opportunity that will bring you steps closer to that ultimate dream you have for yourself.

Today I was in a building that houses some of the greatest and most powerful people in my country. A building not just anyone walks into. I was there because of opportunity. If that didn’t inspire me enough, maybe having a powerful influential person refer to me on first name basis, and say they were proud of my work and ambition should do the job.

What am I saying? Opportunity however small or big is God simply laying the foundation for you, take the foundation, buy the bricks and build the dream.

That was my day today, how was your day today?

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