The Superhero Named Mother


I am a mama’s boy (that said with no guilt or shame). I am probably the deepest case of a boy that loves his mother so much that mama’s boy might be an understatement.

People often mistake the term mama’s boy to mean you are a much pampered brat who was spoilt by mummy and is not man enough to do anything real men do. If you are one of them, shame on you and your naïve mind. It’s a shame that you think with that mind of yours.

I was practically raised by my mother, everything I know was taught to me by my mother. My mother was there when I got home after being beaten from my first fight, she consoled me and later beat the crap out of me for provoking the fight. Wait! To think of it, I was provoked.

I was too stubborn as a child my mum held me with total carefulness and an iron hand. She did not want to take any chances with me, lest she was going to lose her only son to bad manners and indiscipline.

My mother beat me almost every day but I loved her more every day. Even as a child I understood that mother didn’t beat me because she hated me, she beat me because she didn’t want me to be a bad kid. Bad kids fail in life and she didn’t want that path for me. She did whatever it took to put me on the right path, gave me the tools to make it and sent me on that journey.

Seeing how she raised me and what I have grown into, my mother did an excellent job. If she was to write a book on parenting, I’d buy 2 copies because that right there would be my autobiography. I have never been the type to be moved by peer pressure, you know why? – Mama raised me right. I hate to break rules and I always try to do the right thing, you know why? – Mama raised me right.

I respect women, I always treat my women right, I fail sometimes but what matters is I do my best for my women, all because my mother showed me what women can do for the man they love. That man is me. She loved me unconditionally. She gave me everything I needed, she even gave me what I didn’t need but as long as she thought I needed it to be a better person and have a fulfilling childhood.

I know we all say this, we all say that we can never repay our mothers for the things they have done for us. The sacrifices, the endless unconditional love, the correction, the care et cetera. We all say that. But saying it aside, do you ever think about it. Mothers are real life super heroes. Forget superman and Thor and wonder woman, mothers are not fictional superheroes. They are superheroes we can see and touch and we witness their super powers every day they are being mothers.

It is mother’s day today, and to all mothers out there, you get the recognition you deserve but I don’t think we give it to the highest form. You are the only true blessing from God and every day we leave, we are witnessing the super powers you possess as mothers.

Happy mother’s day mum and all the mothers out there. And to the future mother’s, these women have set such an exceptional example, I am not sure you have excuses for not being superheroes to your children.


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