Hello people,

Hope you are all having yourselves a nice weekend. The last days of school can be pretty hectic, its exams and dissertation on my mind I almost forget I have other commitments. The realisation of growing up and having less than a week in school is not as exciting as I always anticipated.

This week has had a lot of buzz especially with Mariah’s new single which reminds me of her famous obsessed song. She calls you out if you need to be called out. And she is at our number one today, so let’s get it;

1. Infinity – Mariah Carey

The best break up song out there right now. Mariah speaks her mind and it is utterly traumatising to think that she would be this honest regardless of the embarrassment this would cause you. I love this song and I think Mariah is on her way to dominating the industry again. Let’s wait and see. Rumour has it a new album is in works so all fingers crossed.

2. Applaudise – Iyanya

From my favourite African musician outside Uganda, Applaudise is a love song that explores a side of Iyanya we haven’t seen in a while. The man has continued to dominate the music scene with his most recent collaborations with East African musicians Diamond Platinumz and Jaguar. This particular one is a master piece and an excellent dedication to her.

3. Somebody Else (remix) – Rico love ft. Usher & Wiz Khalifa

I think Rico Love killed it enough the first time he did this song. Now coming back with his buddy Usher and Wiz on the remix puts the murder on to a whole other unattainable level. This is such an awesome song and finally seeing Rico and Usher work together on a song after so many years of a songwriter – musician relationship is just incredible.

4. Hashtag – Ne-Yo

This gentleman has made it clear that his recent works are Non-Fiction for they are real situations affecting real people. On Hashtag Ne-Yo talks about relationship problems on social media and the trending hashtags about them that we comment on all the time. This such a completely relate song and for more details check out my review of it at

5. Dance Like We’re Making Love – Ciara

Ciara’s new album “Jackie” has already surfaced somewhere on the internet and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. This song “Dance Like We’re Making Love” is off that album and Ciara is really doing a good job keeping up with the success of her most recent self-titled album “Ciara.” I can only hope, “Jackie” leaves up to that level of success.

6. Mbamalawo – Navio

He is Uganda’s chief musical export and this man lives up to that regard in all aspects. He however has decided to give Ugandans a song that is for them and them alone. Navio for the first time I know of has done an all Luganda song and the gentleman done killed it. It is amazing how he maintains his sharp precision in delivery even while performing in a zone that is outside his comfort.

7. Do What You Like – Taio Cruz
This British singer has been lost for a while, am glad he is back and he is still bringing it. “Do Whatever You Like” is a nice weekend song and I recommend you start with this one this weekend.

8. Suite 99 – Jesse Jags ft. Ice Prince

Chocolate City definitely has the best rappers from Nigeria, they have the king of rap himself “M.I” and with Ice Prince and the multi-talented Jesse Jagz, this crew is unstoppable. Jesse and Ice represent this week with “Suite 99” and it is undoubtedly one of the most uniquely crafted songs this week.

9. Two Of a Crime – Miranda Lambert

Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Miranda Lambert is here this week. You need to listen to this song to be the judge, anything I may say may sound like mere exaggeration, but then again if you don’t know how awesome she is, you are just something else. “Two of a crime” is pure magnificence.

10. Shame – Tyrese ft. Jennifer Hudson

Tyrese Gibson just won’t stop. I mean he should be busking in the success of furious 7 but nooooo! He is here with the amazing Jennifer Hudson with the most incredible duet out right now. This is such a powerful song with massive vocal strength exhibited on it, it is simply stunning.


Love Letter – Danny Fernandes

This is off his “Breathe Again” album which contains 13 beautiful songs. It is my favourite song off that album and it will have you thinking what a b*tch she must be to break up with you in a love letter. But then again, it’s such a magnificent song you won’t care what she did.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.


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