The Relationship Between Mother & The Slipper

A few weeks ago I read a tweet that said, “only 90s babies know the relationship between mother and the slipper.” I retweeted it because I am a 90s kid and I relate to this.

In the 90s – now I sound like a grand pa telling his grandchildren a story; anyway, in the 90s, the most horrifying thought after committing a punishable crime was the slipper. The slipper was your number one enemy and your head of foot security as well.

It protected you from sharp stones, broken glass, dirt and germs, but it was also the immediate antagonist when you needed to be punished. The slipper was a ga’damn hypocrite if you ask me. One minute we are friends and you let me step all over you and the next you are all over my little buttocks inflicting pain.

Mothers are not the parent that is always equipped for when you do wrong. No! They never have the intention to punish you and when it comes up it’s an emergency. That’s where your hypocrite friend Mr. Slipper comes in handy. He pretends to be laying around all innocent minding his business when he is actually waiting for the opportune time to revenge for stepping all over him.

It got even more dramatic when mother sent you for the slipper. You’d go outside and bring yours because it’s the smallest and mum shouts at you, “go back outside and bring your father’s slipper.” Remember father usually has the largest foot in the house so your problems just got a whole lot bigger.

As you walk through the corridors of the house to wherever you are supposed to get punished from, you can’t help but feel betrayed by your dear friend Mr. Slipper. The thought of carrying your own murder weapon does not help either. You try to walk as slowly as you can trying to stall and allow the mind think of a solution to save your little sorry butt but mother gets impatient and comes for you.

At this point your options are limited, apologies start flowing faster than your tears and mother undeterred from her mission rises that slipper. Your little bums get mother’s wrath transmitted through your head of foot security Mr. Slipper and with a few-many lashes, the relationship between mother and the slipper is defined.

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