I am selfish. Very selfish. In fact I am the most selfish person I know. This is when it comes to my music and my playlist.

The easiest way to get on all my nerves at ago is to change my playlist. I never shuffle my music unless am traveling, when am travelling I let my phone decide what I should listen to.

Usually before I play music, I select it. I sit down, spare some time and decide on the kind of music I want to listen to and I select it into a playlist.

I can chose to play male-female collaborations, female songs featuring a male rapper, rap songs with a female on the chorus, acoustic music, music from the 90s or early 2000s et cetera. So after laboring to do that and someone walks into my room and adds or removes a song from my playlist, you just got to all my nerves in a few clicks.

This always leaves me torn between insulting you or listening to whatever you want me to hear in the song. The entire time you are there smiling with your stupid face and nodding to your silly song, I am fighting to keep the anger within so I never listen to that uninvited song.

I believe that the music people listen to especially while relaxing or doing an activity reflects the mood they are in. Therefore, by changing the playlist you just stepped in the way of someone and their mood.

When someone does this to me, I may not complain but best believe I’ll hold a grudge which in one way or another must be settled.

If you think about it, it is quite annoying. And on that note, I’ll stop doing it to others because from writing this I’ve just realized how annoying it is.

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