Break ups can be hard, really hard. But people are known to make them harder and more dramatic than they should be. My favorite dramatic reaction to when someone breaks up with another is when the person that has been dumped says to them, “Karma is a bitch.”

Let me explain why you should never drag Karma into your miserable love life whose sudden termination has left you in denial.

Karma is defined as “the effects of a person’s actions that determine their fate in this life and the next incarnation.”

First of all, for Karma to work which I believe people use to mean “revenge, or vengeance, or God sees what you have put me through and he will punish you for it,” – you must be the one serving it. You have been dumped. Your only access to the opportunity of serving karma has been suspended. In other words, even if what you wish for him or her does happen, you will never have the satisfaction you are craving for because you are not the one that served the karma.

Secondly, that’s not how Karma works. You don’t sermon karma. It knows when to come and serve justice. Karma is life’s uncorrupted judge. Don’t ever think your heartache and vengefulness will call upon it – heck no! Karma comes when it’s supposed to. Not a minute or second later. Its timing is impeccably accurate like a microwave. So in your situation maybe karma doesn’t see a need to sentence someone because they dumped you. Their reasons might have been genuine and Karma is puffing on a Mexican cigar applauding their brave decision to end the relationship

Finally, really!? “Karma is a bitch!” That’s the best you had. Of all insults & abuses you could have hauled at him / her, you chose that? Even if violence (insults & abuses) isn’t how you react, what happened to bowing out respectfully and accepting your fate?

This situation doesn’t apply, I will refer you to the definition above if you wish to understand when karma applies.

Therefore STOP DRAGGING KARMA INTO YOUR DIRT, it knows when to do its job. Find a better come back.

*I wrote this after noticing “Karma is a bitch” was becoming a norm for break ups around me*

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