Girls do not run the world like Beyoncé has everyone believing and jumping to the beats of that magnificent song.

I believe fashion runs the world. Women come right after fashion and women are fashion but fashion is not women. It’s usually the ladies that are tremendously stylish and on point with these rapidly emerging fashion trends.

Let’s talk about Shades / sunglasses. Ever noticed the amount of power these shades wield? They instantly make you a cooler version of yourself once you put them on. Your cool points shoot up by like 47% when you wear the right shades on your face.

Shades however build a very silly but common perception, the perception that when you were shades you must wear a gloomy / tough / serious face as well. Shades and that serious face are not companions. They do not always have to go together. Let us leave that to club bouncers and body guards. For them it is in their job description.

A smile a day keeps aging away. You are allowed to be jolly and smiley in shades. It does not reduce your cool points. Isn’t that so Bridget (my Raybans)!?


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