What’s good people?

The highlight of this week for me was Trey Songz surprise mixtape “intermission.” This dude is on a massive takeover plan and this mixtape is every bit the armour one needs to win. It is pure RnB and it adds 5 new songs to your playlist. I highly recommend it and for further details about it, check out my review of it on –

This week’s countdown is as follows;

1. All Day (remix) – Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar

When Kanye released “All Day” one of friends immediately crowned it the song of the year. Well dude, the remix will surely have your reconsideration. Kendrick Lamar lays are clean-smooth verse on the monolithic beat and it sounds like a well modified upgrade to the song.

2. Rocket (remix) – Beyoncé ft. Justin Timberlake

Last week it was Chris Brown on a Beyoncé remix, and this week she’s bringing sexy back, yes Justin Timberlake. His soft smooth vocals introduce you to the song and he goes on to sing for a while. The climax is Beyoncé’s entry into the song, it is a breath of fresh air – the way she comes in. The transition from Justin’s voice to hers is immaculate.

3. Duze – Wizkid ft. Uhuru

Uhuru has established himself as that produce who touches a song and it turns into gold. He did that with Mafikizolo on their come back, took that sound of Davido with “The Sound” and this week, they bring it back with Wizkid on “Duze.” An Uhuru production has the most predictable success story – it will be successful and well received, period!

4. Guantanamera – Sage The Gemini ft. Trey Songz

Sage The Gemini is the dude that has some of the sickest beats in the game right now, now put Mr. Steal Your Girl on that beat and you have yourself the number four song of the week. High points are the beat, the flow and Trey Songz’s verse.

5. Let’s Have Some Fun – Gyptian

Gyptian is finally on the high road to his long overdue come back. “Let’s Have Some Fun” is an ordinary song but I chose it for one reason; it brings back that original reggae sound and beat. Only that this time, there is a slight modification that makes it sound more 2015. 

6. City of Angels – Tinashe

Tinashe, is a resident here and she never disappoints so am asking to be allowed to say nothing more about this exceptionally talented woman.

7. Making Me Proud – Red Cafe ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross

Jeremih is the hottest RnB singer in the industry at the moment and a Jeremih chorus is a guaranteed hit song. Red Café and Rick Ross are the chosen ones that get to lay their verses on this perfect Jeremih execution.

8. Good Girls vs. Bad Girls – Trey Songz

Off the magnificent “intermission” mixtape, Trigga tells us the problems with the bad girls and the good girls. The problems are valid and y’all might just want to pay extra attention to what he preaches.

9. My Side – Drake

I loved to hate this song when I first listened to it. It feels like Drake is losing his sound. But the more I listened to it I realised that Drake is trying to evolve our listening by providing us with something different. “My Side” is a new legacy in progress and give it time, you’ll be on board.

10. I Bet (remix) – Ciara ft. T.I

If this song was meant to hit at her ex and baby daddy “Future,” it must sting like a b*tch. This song has been highly successful and now the king himself T.I jumps on the remix and best believe this pushes the songs’ audience further by a huge margin. The beat was changed and it has a more familiar Ciara sound now.


Twenty One Pilots (album) – Vessel

This is a 2013 album that contains a different kind of sound and it blew my mind. The music on it surpasses any form of art in music. You’ll need to listen to it to get what am talking about.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.

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