Here are the top 5 reasons why you should never post your problems on social media again;

1. Only 1.2% of your 500 online friends actually care. When you post about how you caught your man or woman cheating last night, only 6 of your 500 friends care. The rest don’t really give a sh!t.

2. Not all the likes are sympathy votes. Some likes actually mean they like what is happening to you. Ouch!

3. People have gone through worse and instead of granting online, they have looked for real situations are not dealing with a comment from a mean friend that has upset you further.

4. You have just alerted all the hypocrites that don’t wish you well but never show it that you have problems. This is reason to celebrate for them. You are the cause of some people dancing on your grave.

5. Someone just scrolled looking for something interesting to read. Ouch! again.

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