Dear Ms. Almost Perfect

Dear Ms. Almost Perfect,

The way you carry yourself is pretty becharming. And my addiction to that is genuinely unbecoming. I could sit you down and tell you all about it, but I’d rather keep you standing and feed my admiration for your beautiful body… as I move my eyes up and about it.

You are a foreign girl with a unique taste. So how does this work if I pick interest? Do I have to call you baby or angel for instance? I’d say, I am your guardian, Angel!? I watch you from a distance.
Pretty corny huh!? It makes me curious as to why to that you’d be grinning. What are you thinking?
If I could read your mind, I’d never put that book down. I’d explore every word of every chapter and try to understand this beauty without a crown.

Oblivion to the treasures of your trophy man makes chasing you a pitiful race. So tell me, do you prefer your red on roses or on a beautiful dress?
Don’t answer that. Am guessing both. Red on roses for your conventional romantic self and red on a beautiful dress for the elegant taste in your closet.

Your enchanting beauty caught me off guard. And robbed me of my unspoiled judgment… I am indecisive whether I should report this security breach. Maybe I won’t. I kinda like it. I kinda like you.

“The sunrise is the most glorious sight to wake up to,” said every man that will never wake up to your beautiful face. It’s a damn shame I just said that.

Yours truly

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