One of my friends and I came up with and often talk about “the guy that stops buying chocolate.”

Sounds like a title of a movie about an eccentric guy, right? Well it is not.  And so many of the guys out there are that guy.

Who is that guy? Read on as I explicate.

When you want a girl, in most cases she does not want you. She probably already likes someone else or you are not a person of interest. This presents a challenge for you and you have to work your way to getting her to feel the same. 

So what to do?

You become the guy that buys chocolate (every girl loves chocolate, some not so much but it’s a girl thing so they just go with it.). You buy her flowers, surprise her with chocolate. You do whatever it takes to get this girl to notice and want you. You excite her, always keep her looking forward to being with you because you are interesting. Those little things you do are what get her hooked. The ideas keep flowing and you generally keep her wanting more. And thanks to the chocolate (I’ll use it to symbolize the nice things as well), she picks interest and you get this girl.

Please note that before the chocolate and all those nice romantic things you did, she had never considered you a person of interest.

Now you get the girl, and you become “the guy that stops buying chocolate.”


But we all make it. I need you to look at this at a highly realistic point of view:

1. Before the chocolate, she didn’t care whether you breathed nitrogen on Mondays or Helium on Fridays. She didn’t give a sh!t about you.

2. When the chocolate started coming, you got her attention and it eventually got you the girl.

Now! When you become “the guy that stops buying chocolate” you turn into the guy she was never interested in. You become boring, her life loses the excitement that kept her hooked and wanting more. This is the stage where the relationship gets boring because you stopped trying (stopped buying chocolate) and you lose her.

These are cases where she uses terms like “the spark died” or “my relationship is boring” or “he is not the guy I fell for.” The spark was the chocolate. Without it, you don’t have her. 

Fellows, do not turn into that guy. Keep the chocolate coming, just always remember to change the flavors, change the sizes, change the type, change the packaging, change the presentation and you’ll see.


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