Maurice Kirya representing with ‘Never Been Loved’

When Maurice Kirya decided to take a new direction with his music and create music that he felt defined him as an artist, many were skeptical to follow. It seemed like an unwise decision for our industry in Uganda is not flexible with what they listen to. We have the sort of market that is rooted to specific styles of music and anything outside of that box, you are pretty much on your own.

This did not faze Maurice in any way, he stuck to his guns and made music that vividly portrayed his creativity and style. It wasn’t easy, the audiences make the star and the audiences did not quite catch on with his style. His music was the first of its kind and as they, “adjusting to change is something we humans are inexorable to”, the audiences almost completely ignored him. I am not ashamed to say I was one of them because by that time the only Ugandan musicians I cared about, were the ones that got played during school dances. He wasn’t one of them and frankly I cannot be blamed.

His music slowly started making its mark with the elites of our society. His music was played at exclusive bars, high end events and radio stations that play music with a purpose. Maurice’s impression grew and steadily penetrated its way to larger audiences outside of Uganda. I remember reading an article online by a Danish writer who had described Maurice as a painter with his words. He painted a clear master piece with his lyrics. This description of Maurice’s music caught my eye and I started to hunt for his music. And guess what! It wasn’t as wide spread as I had hoped. By then the most convenient means of getting music was from friend’s computers, phones, iPods or mp3 players. My friends did not have Maurice Kirya music. I finally found it and I have been a die-hard fan to date.

And now, he is back with a new album “Mwooyo” and I have particular interest in his lead single titled “Never Been Loved.”


This is the most creatively distinct song to come from Uganda in a very long time. The creativity on this song is simply mind-bending. The song is calmly laid on a soft guitar that allows Maurice’s graceful voice to be heard. It does not over power his vocals at any given point in the song. He effortlessly sings the carefully written lyrics and the entire composition is’ chef-d’oeuvre.’

Then he had to go on and accompany it with an extremely artistic music video. The scenery that was chosen for the video was perfect. The models were probably some of the best looking ones in the business. The video effects were on point and whoever designed Maurice’s outfits for the video deserves a standing ovation. I’d watched it several times on local television but yesterday I saw it on Trace TV and I was filled with so much pride. I was proud of Maurice. He is representing Uganda on the big stage and the world is in for a treat.

Maurice Kirya stuck to what he believed in and he made it work. We all must respectfully applaud a man that created a style, nurtured it and is taking it to the levels of recognition it duly deserves. I cannot wait to get my hands on this album because it’s music for every mind that has a taste and an ear for art in music. Well done Maurice, well done.

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