Hello people,

This week the top ten is going to be absolutely different. I have a lot of great tracks I would have loved to recommend but then something even greater came up.

By now everyone that cares in the entire world knows about Fox TV’s hit series “Empire.” For those that don’t, it is an extremely captivating series about music. The intense adrenaline spilling series brings a lot of drama, secrets, lies, hypocrisy and good music.


Season 1 was concluded recently and the album of the original sound tracks dropped.
This is by far the best sound track album ever. Like ever. It has a variety and is entirely comprised of some of the best musical talents in the world.

It features artists like the beautiful Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Charles Hamilton, Rita Ora and Juicy J among others. The tracks on this album are artistically crafted to appeal to all types of audiences. You have songs to build inspiration, you have love songs, you have rap songs… you literally have everything. Everyone is fully catered for on this album.

And for this week, I apologise for interrupting the weekly routine, but this is what I recommend. And I have no reason to doubt that you’ll fall in love with the music on this album.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.


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