They say your reflection in the mirror is 99% of what you look like. The 1% is for the effect the concave or convex mirror might have on your appearance. If this is anything to go by, then the mirror is the most unflattering roommate man can ever have.

A few days ago, I left my room to go and take a shower but when I get to the bathroom there is no water. I with utmost frustration exited the bathroom shirtless and I happened to pass by the mirror. A few steps later, I went back to the mirror and oh! THE HORROR!!!??? I was terrorized by what I saw because what I had seen the first time I passed by the mirror was indeed true.

I stood there for about 5 minutes in utter disbelief. The man in the mirror looked nothing like the guy I knew myself to be. I wondered why nobody had ever told me about this. To think of it now, it should have made me question the sort of friends I have. Why hadn’t anyone ever told me?

The first time I passed by the mirror, as I walked passed it, I saw a skeleton walk across in the mirror with my exact walk. When I stopped and went back to the mirror, it was to be sure there was a skeleton in the mirror because that would have been comforting compared to what it really was. I was honestly hoping that that mirror was from a fairyland and it permanently has a skeleton stuck inside.

But no! The skeleton was me. I have lost so much weight I am the skeleton. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me I was this skinny? Okay, I have always known that I am way too small but I didn’t ever think it was this bad.

After that horrific experience, I am now on a weight gaining diet and am seriously flexing my muscles with exercises which I am unbelievably faithful to. In a few months I hope to be back in my proper skinny but not alarming shape.

Any weight gaining ideas are welcome.


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