Hello my people,

This week things have been better. A lot of new good music, we have unexpected collaborations from amazing artists and some continue to be residents on this weekly countdown.

Lately I’ve been receiving complaints about this countdown, so I’d like to clarify that it is strictly for new music and not necessarily songs that are topping charts all over the globe at the moment. So the wonder of why songs never reappear on this countdown is finally answered.

Here we go for this week…

1. Matrimony – Wale ft. Usher

The most outstanding part of this song is definitely Usher’s perfect delivery and execution of the chorus. The lyrics are amazing and the always spot on vocals from Usher with the well matched incredible Wale flow give us this song as a well packaged delivery.

2. King Kunta -Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick’s “To pimp a butterfly” album has been all over the internet for a while and from it my favourite song would be “King Kunta” as it is overly impressive. The preaching that surrounds this album is a true sermon and I am not a huge Kendrick Lamar fan, but I acknowledge that the guy is a god of his time.

3. Summer Time – M.I Abaga, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, Loose Kaynon

Summer time” features some of Nigeria’s top rappers who are from the chocolate city family. M.I, Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz bring it on this song. I am listening to Loose Kaynon for the first time but I like his sound too. It is a different type of Nigerian music but the difference is well presented.

4. You changed me – Jamie fox ft. Chris Brown

Jamie Fox has a lot of new music out and am suspecting we should gear up for an album. So much music out is clear a sign for an upcoming album as the dark skies predicting rain. For this song he teams up with Breezy and the sound is magnificent. The song is swamped with powerful vocals from two gentlemen that know what it means to sing.

5. Sundae – Honey cocaine

Her career started off from YouTube but she is now on her way to dominating the main stream industry. Sundae sounds as fresh as unpolluted air. The beat is crazy, the instrumental is as urban as it gets and Honey Cocaine lays the most articulate lyrics on it. 

6. Sigueme Y Te Sigo – Daddy Yankee

I do not get a single word of this song, it is all entirely in a “Latino-ish” kind of language. But the reason it is on this countdown is because it’s been a while since the kings of reggae-tone gave us a hit. The beat and instrumental is fussed with Spanish or Mexican instruments and the entire composition s head bumping. This song sounds so good you will not believe that power reggae-tone still weilds.

7. Awesome – Kanye West

Mr. West is in the building and this time he is telling us about how amazing his woman is. He states a lot of undisputed facts and he also reminds us that he is amazing too. I didn’t like the heavy use of auto-tune but the song is awesome.

8. This Pain – Lauriana Mae ft. B.O.B

About this song; the way these two artists effortlessly complement each other’s different genre sounds is absolute. Lauriana Mae is such an exceptional singer I wonder where she has been because this is the first song by her that I am listening to. My main man B.O.B is on point as always.

9. Disa My Ting – T-Pain ft. kardinal Official

T-Pain is slowly making his long over-due come back as the true king of badass chorus’ on features. “Disa My Ting” also brings back Kardinal Official and its sound is utterly mad-dope.

10. Sisi – Praiz ft. Wizkid

Wizkid is unstoppable and he has never failed to impress. The catchy sound and freshness that “Sisi” with Praiz brings to us is an infrangible sound of an art that has been practiced and perfected.


Friday Night Lights – Ruyonga

This Ug native is too creative and incontestably one of the finest rappers in Uganda. Ruyonga impresses to every letter of the word on this song. The lyrics, flow and delivery is as good as you’ll ever hear it from a rapper that combines skill, talent and professionalism.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.

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