Time: 03:21 am


ME; Hello.

CALLER; Are you asleep?

ME; Well, not anymore.

CALLER; Were you sleeping?

ME; Its 3:00am in the morning, what do you think?

CALLER; Okay then, I’ll tell you later. Good night.

Caller hangs up.

First of all, when you call me at such an hour, in my mind the ringtone is screaming “EMERGENCY!!!” For me to pick up and you are saying absolutely nothing in all honesty is the most annoying thing in the world.

Secondly, the worst has already happened, you’ve interrupted my sleep. Why not just tell me what was biting so hard you had to call me at 3:00am!?

In Liam Nesson’s voice, “I don’t who you are, but I will find you.” The perpetrator of this crime against my right to peaceful sleep used a number I do not have saved in my contacts. But whoever you are, I am looking for you.

Ps; He never called to tell me later as promised. I am really looking forward to discussing that phone call with you, whoever you are.

Watch the space…


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