There is that favorite shirt, trouser or dress in your closet. It is not the best looking. It is not the most expensive. It is nowhere close to the one that makes you look best, but it is your favorite.

It is that member of the band that gets more screen time during the video shoot. The one who is always at the front during performances. The one that is seen the most. The only member of the band whose name and face is known by the audience.

Mine is a grey t-shirt with a drawing of the sun at the back. It has some inspirational words written around the sun. It is probably my oldest piece of cloth but I love it. If a thief stole this t-shirt, I’d be inconsolable. Yea right!? I’d definitely be sad, inconsolable is big a word to use. But I used it to show the big attachment I have to it.

You also definitely have this “lead singer” outfit. Look around your closet.


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