Hello people,

In this week’s Top 10, Uganda represents with two magnificent songs. It makes me extremely proud to get Ugandan music that blows my mind and speakers, it shows that our industry is not sleeping and it is growing to a level where they can compete globally.

Let’s jump right into it;

01.    Never Been Loved – Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya is one of the most gifted artists we have in Uganda and he does his own style of music which is absolutely incredible. “Never Been Loved” is from his latest album which am yet to get my hands on but so far, this spells doom for competition if the album has more of these artistically written songs. Well done Maurice, you made Uganda Stand out. Please watch out for the video, it is simply amazing.

02.    See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

“See You Again” is a soundtrack from the soon to be premiered “Fast and Furious 7.” This is a very emotional song and listening to it makes you remember the late Paul Walker who left us rather too soon. May his soul rest in eternal peace.  Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth make the ultimate team up to deliver this song in all its glory. The lyrics are great, Charlie Puth is one hell of a singer, Wiz Khalifa keeps up with very catchy lyrics and together they represent at #2.

03.    Dumb Shit – Tyrese ft. Snoop Dogg

Tyrese Gibson, the muscled man with a very soft-smooth voice is back and this time he is not begging her to “stay,” he is admitting to doing some “Dumb Shit.” Snoop Dogg is his partner in crime and he also admits to doing the same. They sing and rap their confessions and Tyrese in his verse says he doesn’t want to wake up and she is gone. A very honest track with a beautiful sound.

04.    Sugar (remix) – Maroon 5 ft. Nicki Minaj

Sugar is with no doubt the second best single of the Maroon 5 recent album “V.” We already lost our heads over its unique video and now Ms. Nicki Minaj steps up for the remix. Her verse comes first, it is well presented and utterly brilliant. Adam Levine picks it up from her verse with the chorus and the rest of the song goes as we already know it.

05.    Twatoba – Pallaso ft. Davido

Another Ugandan artist representing on this week’s countdown is Pallaso. I must deafeningly applaud Pallaso for making nothing but hits ever since he returned to Uganda from the United States. With his latest single, he employs the musical genius Davido from Nigeria and they have created a new sound for our clubs and playlists. It has the traditional dancehall catchy ring to it, Davido sings in Luganda… the entire project was mad crazy in the most compelling way.

06.    Peaches N Cream – Snoop Dogg ft. Charlie Wilson

Uncle Snoop and Uncle Charlie team up yet again deliver to us Peaches N Cream. When I first read online that Charlie Wilson and Snoop Dogg had a new song together, I was curious to hear the sound. I was hoping they haven’t succumbed to the pressure of urbanising the music. And guess what!? They haven’t. It’s the same old school music uncle Charlie always gives us and it is magnificent.

07.    Olopa – Henry Knight ft. Di’ja, Yemi Alade & Joe El

Two of Nigeria’s hottest female acts “Di’ja” and “Yemi Alade” feature on this song. You can best believe this song is an absolute mash up. For the clubs, and I will be dancing to this one once it gets to the Djs at the clubs I go to.

08.    Beast Mode – Ludacris

“Ludaversal” the next album from Ludacris drops in a few weeks and we are already enjoying badass singles off it. Beast Mode like the title suggests is Ludacris in total beast mode. The beat is a beast, the lyrics are a beast and entirely the song lives up to the expectations drawn from the title.

09.    Remember The Music – Jennifer Hudson

From the hit series “Empire,” Jennifer Hudson gives us a beautifully sang soft piano song and you can expect an outstanding performance from this vocally endowed beauty.


She sings this song in episode 10 where she appears as a music therapist.

10.    One day – Ice Prince

Ice Prince Zamani is representing our brothers from West Africa with “One Day.” This is an inspirational song if you listen to the message and it builds hope knowing that one day whatever unpleasant situation you are in will turn around and things will be okay. Watch out for the video too, it is nicely done.


Wet Dreamz – J. Cole  Jermaine Cole comes in as our bonus track this week and “Wet Dreamz” is off his latest album “2014 Forest Hills Drive.” It is my best song on that album and I decided perhaps you could find out why.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.

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