Nothing, absolutely nothing is as visually enchanting as a lady in the right dress. Often I am asked what my “type” is and (drum-roll)… a lady in the right dress is my type of woman. My favorite type of woman. And the right dress ought to be on the right body.

What I mean by this is, the right dress should be on the right body for the right occasion in order for the lady to look ravishing. Several times some females get it so wrong. The right dress has never had to be slutty or too revealing. Fashion dictates that the dress has the liberty to reveal a little skin if it suits the occasion. This little skin should be enough to appear irresistibly attractive and yet remain decent and classy.

The right body in the right dress will turn heads irrespective of where she is. This glorious view of the right body in the right dress will leave visible traces of undeniable admiration and equally undeniable envy. I know a couple girls in my community that turn my head whenever their right bodies have the right dresses on them.

So ladies… I know several heads that are ready to do some turning, this means it’s time to purchase and stock those right dresses.


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