Hello people,

Hell of a week. I lost my phone and since I do almost all of my blogging and business on phone, this set me back a couple of targets. The weekly count down suffers this set back but nevertheless I have managed to deliver.

Let’s get right into it;


  1. Chains – Nick Jonas ft. Jhene Aiko

Only Jhene Aiko can make “bed peace” with a “jealous” lover and this is incisively what she does on this song with Nick Jonas. These two artists brought all their tricks out the bag and gave us the number one song of the week.


  1. Hands Down – Dej Loaf

You need to know you can hold your own if you are going to try Dej Loaf on a track. She is one of the hottest acts in the industry right now and with every song she reaffirms that position. Hands down for “Hands Down” it is a magnificent song.


  1. Adore – Cashmere Cat ft. Arianna Grande

Miss Arianna Grande is always my best part on all of her collaborations, so when another artist puts up a memorable performance on a song featuring Arianna, he/she deserves the credit. Cashmere Cat is one of those artists and together they sit at number three.


  1. Veni Vedi Vici – Madonna ft. Nas

When Madonna’s album dropped I didn’t bother with it. She is that singer that has really settled well with the audiences of our generation. A few days ago I heard this song play on radio and wow!!! Madonna still got it. It is tremendously awesome especially when Nas comes in for his badass verse. They both still got it and this is a great song from these two legends.


  1. Focused on you (remix) – Eric Bellinger ft. Kristinia Debarge

The original of this song was beautifully done. But Kristinia comes in for the remix and makes it all better. This is my best collaboration of the week and it is lovely. I like it when a remix redefines a song and makes it sound a lot better


  1. Pretty young Thing – Jamie Fox

You can’t blame it on the alcohol if you don’t find this song enormously creative. Jamie Fox is always at the peak of his game whenever he drops new music. Remember “Party ain’t a party” featuring 2 Chainz from last year??? That song didn’t get the recognition it deserved. I hope this one does because it is a very good song.


  1. Lights out – Chris Brown ft. tyga and Fat Trel

Off their Fan of a Fan album. This Rnb slowly captivating song is my favourite song off that album. It is the only song that doesn’t sound like the rest of the songs on the album. The entire album sounds handed to one producer save for this song. It is absolutely brilliant and the most unique piece on this album.


  1. B.A.S (freestyle) – Fabolous

This is a rapper that doesn’t age and so is his spot on rapping. This freestyle is not exactly a song per say, but I’d be damned if I didn’t recommend it or give it a slot on this countdown. This is one of those Fabolous master piece freestyles. Pay close attention, a couple of bars will have you jumping off the edge of your seat.


  1. Helele – Naeto C ft. Flavour

With love from Nigeria, Naeto C and Mr. Flavour represent this week. This is not one your ordinary Naeto C tracks, this is one is catchy in a different style and you know Flavour “pon de track” is always a guaranteed success. Helele has an amazing video as well. I think the whole desert video concept is catching on quite well.


  1. Real One – Trina ft. Rico Love

This song is good but Trina is quite disappointing on it. She gives us an over done version of Trina rap and it is not as infectious as it would have been 5 years ago. Rico Love on the other hand kills it and he makes up for an average performance by Trina. It is a good song still and worth a critical listen.



Most Amazing – Benny Black

Benny Black is one of the hottest young East African rappers of our generation and this is one of my favourite songs by him. Benny Black has bars for life, delivery and presentation. You ought to respect a rapper that can go extremely hard core and still have the capacity to go totally soft without losing the style and impact. He serenades the ladies on this one or should I say a particular lady (whatever the case). It is a nice piece, artistically done and faultlessly presented.


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