This week presents a lot of good music. Some of your favourite artists have returned with new music and I’ll get right to it.

1. Run Run Run – Kelly Clarkson ft. John Legend

Ladies and gentlemen, the number one song of the week is the ballad of the century according to me. Kelly Clarkson in preparation for her much anticipated “Piece by Piece” album has given the world a duet that will surely stand the test of time. She couldn’t have picked a better male artist to feature on this one, John Legend does an extremely impressive job working with Kelly to birth a song that will get hearts moving and replay buttons pushed all over the globe.

2. Nakupenda (I love You) – Iyanya ft. Diamond Platinumz

Iyanya is my favourite African musician and every time he releases a new song, it is glorious. This time he teams up with one of the hottest acts from East Africa Diamond Platinumz and together we have another hit from these gentlemen. Nakupenda (I love you) is a very versatile afro-pop song as it fits club description and the message also fits intimate situations. This is our Nigerian song of the week and it is such a massive track. #TeamAfricanMusic all the way.

3. Girls on Drugs – Wale

Wale has been gone for a while save for the features on other artists songs. A solo project from Wale has been a while. Well from the NYC All-Star 15 he has a solo song that has an extremely vivid impression. This is the kind of music that makes me stand by my conclusion when I say that he is the best artist from MMG.

4. Towards The Sun – Rihanna

Riri is back and she sounds good. Towards The Sun is a new single from the Barbados beauty and it goes to show off her sometimes doubted vocal ability. She sings and it is beautiful. If this is the quality of music that is off her soon to be announced album, then brace yourselves people, we are in for a pleasant treat.

5. Ain’t about to do – Diggy Simons ft. French Montana

A lot of people tend to ignore the capability of Diggy Simons, and frankly I used to be one of those. But ever since he picked a fight with J Cole and released a song titled “Fall Down” which I found extremely impressive, I started paying attention. I later on landed on a lot of his music and since then I have been a fan. “Ain’t about to do” is a very good song which Diggy effortlessly executes and French does not disappoint as well. Together, they gave us a song that is worth the listen and worth the top 5 position.

6. All hands on deck (remix) – Tinashe ft. Iggy Azalea

The original of this song is from Tinashe’s latest album titled Aquarius and it was quite good but not all that. Iggy Azalea jumping on board to do the remix adds much more value to this song and she is the reason it is on this countdown. This song is beautiful from all angles and these two powerful females represent quite impressively.

7. Best kept Secret – Tiara Thomas

Ever since her badass chorus on Wale’s “Bad” song, I have paid undivided attention to Tiara Thomas. This lady does not only sing she sometimes raps and she kills it. Her vocals have such a strong effect that you can’t help noticing a Tiara Thomas song because the voice draws you to it. She is here with a new single and it is magnificent.

8. Coco Pt. 3 – O.T. Genasis ft Chris Brown

“Coco” is probably the most famous song among my friends and this is thanks to the stunning video vixens. That aside, it is a song I never bothered with until I stumbled on the Chris Brown remix a few days ago. Breezy murdered this one and followed it to hell and killed it again. His verse is all you need to listen to for this remix. He goes Jamaican during his verse and this is the climax of this song.

9. Fireball – Mario

The gentleman that gave most lovers an anthem a couple of years ago is back and he is back with a good song. Mario is famously known for his “let me love you” song which was such a master piece. Now he is splashing all his money of Fireball Cinnamon in his new single and he splashes it in a quite catchy style. This song is nice but not as high as the standards he set for himself the time he did “Let me love you.” Nevertheless it is a good song.

10. 5 Am – Calvin Harris ft. Tinashe

Calvin Harris and Tinashe team up for a very unique song that could have been higher on this countdown but there is so much great music this week. “5 AM” is a very unusual song for both artists but it is unusual in a good way. The style is different for both artists but they make it work and it sounds great. Go get it and I can guarantee no regrets.


Dangerous Part 2 – David Guetta Ft. Trey Songz, Chris Brown & Sam Martin

For this one, I don’t know what to say because everyone played an exceptional role and minus one of them, this song would have not been as a big deal as it is. This is the most compelling cross-genre collaboration I have heard in a very long time. It is simply amazing and these gentlemen represented quite as good as expected.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.


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