Hello people, welcome to a new segment that will be appearing on this blog every Saturday. One of my other jobs is reviewing music on a very popular music website – check it out, so I’ve decided I will recommend my best songs of every week and tell you a little about them.

Your opinions are always welcome. Tell me what you think, tell me what songs you like and what songs you feel are not in the right positions. The plan here is to have new songs every week but if a song is still undisputedly good the next week, it can make a return to the week’s countdown. Enjoy!

01. One Man Can Change The World – Big Sean, Kanye West & John Legend

This one is off Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” album and the reason it is number one is impossible to miss. The most eloquent people I know failed to find the appropriate words to describe this unique rap song. First the artists on it are great, you can’t have a line-up of such exceptionally gifted gentlemen and expect less than they rendered. I was quite surprised that they went with this concept, “One Man Can Change the World” is an inspirational song and it could change your world. When even the hardest rappers sing – you know it’s serious. This song teaches lessons so pay attention.

02. 6Pm in New York – Drake

I am a huge Drake fan but “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” is not my favourite Drake collection of music. It makes me miss the old Drake sound from “Thank Me Late” and “Take Care.” But from the numbers and records it has broken, I guess I am the one with the problem here. From it, “6Pm in New York is my favourite song because I felt the old Drake on it. He raps and gives us something to keep you hooked and the Drake element is back, the anticipation of what line follows the line he is on. It’s Drake as we know him on this one.

03. 1Hunid (100) – Lyyriczz, Tucker HD & Ruyonga,

This one features two of Uganda’s finest rappers, Tucker HD and Ruyonga. These gentlemen have bars on bars. They make you rethink asking for a feature but Lyyriczz held his own and delivered a memorable verse. This is the “most urban” song from Uganda in 2015 and I hope its hype is as huge as the song is. This song makes me proud to be a Ugandan Hip Hop fan. The beat is crazy, the verses show off the artists’ inventiveness and skill, and together it’s Ugandan music that’s commercial enough for the rest of the world.

04. Train Your Mind – Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright is one of my favourite newly discovered rappers. And every time he has a new track out, he only affirms his position as one of my favourites. On “Train Your Mind” Dizzy talks about the struggles of life, he narrates his own experiences on this song. He says he wants you to train your mind and not let the world waste your time. Well delivered, instructive and empowering concept… it earned its #4 slot.

05. Simple – Treasure Davis ft. Kid Ink

Treasure Davis is a girl with so much potential and a bright future ahead of her in her music career. “Simple” is a duet that features Kid Ink and it is a beautifully – artistically done song. The concept is the Plight of a woman with a cheating man. You’ll want to hear how kid Ink works his way out of this one. The song is such a masterpiece I had a tough time debating where to place it. But hey! It made top 5. Go get it, you’ll hear what an R&B/pop and Hip Hop duet should sound like.

06. The sound – Davido, Uhuru & Dj Buckz

Forgetting how mind-bending the video of this song is, the song itself is pretty awesome. Davido is one artist that has continued to grow and his legacy is hit after hit. “The Sound” is the sound of the week from Nigeria and its addictive sound is accompanied by Davido, Uhuru and Dj Buckz well executed verses. I can bet it’s one of those songs that will provoke your inner silly self and you’ll find yourself dancing your most awkward dance moves. Please do this without an audience. If there is an audience, picking yourself up from that may not be as easy as getting yourself into it.

07. Drop that kitty – Ty Dollar $ign, Charli XCX & Tinashe

Ty Dollar $ign gets two of the hottest female singers in the game right now and puts them on the same song. At this point I don’t need to say much, I can only assure you that this song has an amazingly addictive urban beat and the ladies do their thing super impressively. Together with Ty Dollar $ign, it is an outstanding song. One thing I was almost sure would come right after the introductory instruments was ‘Mustard on the beat,’ but it doesn’t come. Although, it has a mastered sound to it. But whoever produced it created a vivid impression.

08. Go Hard or Go Home – Wiz Khalifa ft. Iggy Azalea

This is one of the sound tracks from the movie Furious 7 and Wiz Khalifa seems to get it right for the second time. Remember “We Own it” featuring 2 Chainz for the Fast 6? Remember how awesome it was? I bet you do. Well this one features Hustle Gang’s Iggy Azalea and this lady never disappoints. She gives us a memorable verse and I love it. Sound tracks this good build so much anticipation for the movie, and April is around the corner so the wait is almost over.

09. Story Time – Ne-yo

This is my favourite song from Ne-yo’s new album “Non-Fiction” and when you listen to it, you’ll definitely see why.  Ne-yo on this album brought a very unique approach where he tells stories that are very relatable to. “Story Time” is the most outstanding one for me and anyone with a good sense of humour will love it. If you don’t have a good sense of humour, enjoy Ne-yo’s unrivalled vocals.

10. Dolo – Kid Ink ft. R. Kelly

The catchiest part of this song is definitely R. Kelly. Kid ink is memorable too, but R. Kelly has been gone for too long when he decides to bring it back, it is only justified you ‘bring it.’ He murders the chorus in a planned fashion and follows it up with an astounding verse. The most exciting thing for me about this song is the future (Kid Ink) meets the past (R. Kelly) factor. Together we had a taste of both worlds and the end result is a pleasant song.


Leader – Flex’dpaper ft. Sheila Wyre

This one is from 2014, that’s why it features as a bonus. Had this countdown not been about new music, it would have made the countdown. Personally, this is my best Flex D’paper song yet. And the beautiful vocals of Sheila Wyre surpass most of the female singers’ vocals in Uganda except a few that have raised the bar too high. I recommend it for those that haven’t gotten the chance to listen to it yet. And look out for the video too.

Till next week, enjoy these updates on your playlist.


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