1. Do not spend beyond your means. We ought to respect the power of emotions. They have the ability to get us carried away and we make the most illogical financial decisions. Make a budget if you must and stay within it. To quote my favorite comedian Kevin Hart, “stay in your financial lane.”

2. Ladies do not expect too much. You probably have ideas of how you wish to spend your valentine’s day. If you feel your ideas are too important, discuss them with him and have him include them in whatever he has planned. Do not assume your man can read your mind because he cannot, so tell him.

3. Do not stick to the cliché Valentine’s Day routines. Try something different, it’s 2015 for Christ’s sake. Flowers and chocolate are okay but don’t let them be the highlight of your day. Fellows take your lady out for a different cuisine, let her pick out your outfit for the day, let her decide what movie you will watch, cook for your lady… change the routine gentlemen. The same old routine gets boring.

4. Do not use this day as your chance to air out your grievances that you’ve been harboring since the year started. This is supposed to be a peaceful day, let the peace prevail. Spend time with your lady or your man, do not be too busy for them.

5. Finally for the single people like me, do not let boredom be your companion on that day. We should try to make the ultimate ‘alone-day’ plans. Personally I am going to work for the better half of my early morning. After which I’ll make cereal for breakfast and lazily eat it. My entertainment for the day is already decided. I’ll spend my day with Mr. Tony Stark as I rererererererererererererererererererererererere-watch the IRON MAN TRILOGY with Avengers in-between after Iron Man II. That should occupy about 8 and a half hours of my day. Then in between there will be a lunch break, maybe a few laps of my need for speed video game and then the marathon continues. That’s my ultimate plan.

Otherwise have yourselves a nice 14th of February. Be safe and take care.


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