‘Gone Girl’ Movie Review

After almost a week of writers block, my mind has finally unfolded and ideas are flowing again. I guess it’s true what they say, “you can’t serve two masters at ago.” I have been dealing with quite a lot so my creativity has been suppressed but, we are back now.

So… have you realized how some of the best movies are adapted from novels and book series? Look at “Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight, Jurassic Park, and The Bourne collection” and several others, the list goes on and on. My latest in this line is “Gone Girl.

Gone girl is a 2012 thriller novel by Gillian Flynn. To be brutally honest I didn’t know anything about Gillian Flynn till I watched the movie adapted from the book. The movie is a beautiful piece of production starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as the leads. It is also a shame that I had never heard of this movie till a friend of mine insisted on how awesome it was, and assured me how I’d definitely enjoy it.

I finally got the movie and wow!!! The story is compelling right from the start and you will be hooked till the end. Am not here to campaign for the movie, it already did big box office numbers and grabbed a whole lot of nominations for various awards. My marketing contribution is definitely not required. I am here to tell you about the brilliance of this movie. This movie is larger-than-life. The cast is great and every character is extremely very comfortable with their role. Rosamund Pike however is by far the best part of this movie, she put up a performance for days. This woman is something else * Kevin Hart Voice * She portrayed Amy so vividly and so naturalistic she owned the character. She was Amy, you could feel it and see it. She did things, for a second you forget she is acting and you get so drawn into the movie and emotions start flaring. You start cursing and hating on that b*tch Amy.

Ben Affleck does what he does best. He acts as Nick (Amy’s husband) and it’s Ben Affleck so you know what to expect.

The plot in brief is; Amy suddenly goes missing from her home and when Nick discovers she’s gone he calls the police. However all the evidence and investigation only arises suspicion that Nick could have murdered his wife. The media gets involved and he is thought to be a sociopath. He decides to try and clear his name and starts looking for clues which lead him to believe that Amy is not missing, but perhaps she might have faked her own kidnap to frame him and get him executed. There are very exciting twists of events in this movie. Is she really dead? Was she kidnapped? If she is faking her own kidnap to frame Nick, why is she doing so? Does she have an accomplice? Does she get found? How will Nick clear his name? How far is everyone willing to go for their cause? Too many questions and the movie ends in total suspense, some of these important questions are not answered.

After all this, I simply had to get the novel and read all the details about Gone Girl.” I got my copy in pdf form recently and I had to clear my desk of all pending and urgent assignments first. Because I know when I start I won’t be able to put this book down.

Do I recommend this movie? Of course. But I recommend the book more. It has several details that could not be part of the movie. And just in case you probably doubt my opinion and taste in movies, the fact that it was one of the best movies of 2014 should inspire you to watch it. We could have used a sequel though. But I read somewhere online that there will be none. I hope they change their minds because the end wasn’t satisfying.

Have a nice weekend. Time to get busy with Gillian Flynn.


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