We are in an era of texting a lot and calling less. Thanks to Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, we chat et cetera we find that we send messages more often than we make phone calls.

But there is this thing that frustrates me about texting people especially at night. This annoying habit of “Sorry I slept off,” the next morning. You are texting someone and suddenly the replies stop coming and the next morning the person texts you apologizing for sleeping off. People please stop trying to not fall asleep while texting someone, this is how it all begins.


Now here is what frustrates me about that habit. Sleep does not attack you like a vicious wild animal or it doesn’t just hit without warning like a slap from an angry girlfriend. Falling asleep is a gradual process and you feel the tiredness and laziness building uptil the point when you fall asleep. So when someone I’ve been texting the previous night wakes up and remembers to apologize for sleeping off, I never really understand. I find it a bit disrespectful because I’ve never subjected anyone to that kind of uncivil behavior.

Whenever am texting someone late at night or even during day and I feel sleep building up, I let them know so that they stop texting and give me time to rest. And I get back to them as soon as am sober from the sleep if the conversation was unfinished. Deciding that we all give a heads up to the person we are texting before sleep takes the wheel is not a bad decision, is it?

When you feel the sleep building up, let them know. Stop sleeping on people while texting, it is not nice, it is rude and it is impolite. The next person to text me; “sorry I slept off” may not get off that easily. And please don’t ever try to convince yourself that you can fight sleep, it is “A natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended.” You can’t win.

Now feel guilty for doing it. It’s bad smart phone etiquette.


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