“Beauty for Everyone“

For today’s post, I picked a few lines from a rap song I wrote in 2013 and turned them into a poem. Here we go.

She hates competition
And calls other girls whores /
She’s on top of the world
But she stepped on too many toes /
On her way up
So she’s got too many foes /

A string of criminal exes
She broke hearts and laws /
All she gives is sex
And less x and o’s /
She never use protection
No latex and o’s /

Her legs are always open
Behind closed doors /
She’s a free concert
That’s why everybody goes /
Your body is a temple
She’s that church everybody knows /
A church everybody goes…

For service /
But know this
If you notice /

She still flirts like a virgin
It’s kinda hard to imagine /
But she… is pretty good when she doing it /
Whoever takes her home?
You don’t wonder what he about to do with it /
Hit it and quit it
Almost as soon as he through with it. /

And what’s the price to pay /
A smartphone, new clothes
Or anything fancy you can say /
If your life is worth that pay?
You won yourself the deal of the day /

                                     Ian Paul Byamugisha


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