‘You’re The Worst’ Series Review


You’re the worst is a comedy series that has been sitting on my computer since October last year. The person that gave it to me overly hailed it and usually when someone does this for me I end up getting disappointed, I tend to expect too much.

But any way I watched it last night. All 10 season 1 episodes.


You’re the worst, you are not the worst comedy series I’ve watched. As a matter of fact you are up there in my top 5 right next to Silicon Valley.
It is about a fussy, self-involved, insensitive, egotist British writer called Jimmy (Chris Geere) who gets involved with a misanthropic, irresponsible PR Gretchen (Aya Cash) and the two of them attempt a relationship. Watching how these two venomous characters try to get along is what makes this comedy series worth your while.

I must acknowledge that it is brilliantly written, however if your sense of humor is hard to come by this series is not for you. The scripting is for a unique audience that gets humor of all forms and appreciates classic jokes whether acted, said or expressed. This is a comedy that is actually funny.

The two main characters are both afraid of commitment but they are strangely attracted to each other. This uninvited attraction creates a bond between them and they find themselves seeing each other more than they would have liked to. Jimmy has a roommate Edgar (Desmin Borges) a former US marine and on his return from Iraq he had nothing and nowhere to stay so Jimmy offered him where to stay as long as he cooked and did chores.

Edgar notices a spark between Jimmy and Gretchen the first time he sees them in the same room. He pushes Jimmy to realize how different Gretchen is and how she might be “it” for him. Jimmy of course being commitment phobic does not allow this thought penetrate his mind. Edgar however does not give up.

Gretchen also has a best friend Lindsay (Kether Donohue) who is married to a boring guy called Paul (Allan Mcleod) and Gretchen seems like the only fun in her boring married life.

The story revolves around Jimmy and Gretchen and how their relationship matures in the most bizarre way. No one pushes for anything, fate happens and they are rebellious at first but later they realize maybe this is what they want. Eventually they accept the situations and their relationship goes to the next level without intention. Their friends are dragged into all this, as you know your closest friend’s actions always impact on you directly or indirectly.

I cannot start narrating it for you, I will nag. But what I can tell you is, if you are looking to get hooked to a TV series that offers a great cast, a brilliant script and a mature approach to almost everything, this is it for you. I was up all night watching it and after the tenth episode I still wanted more. It has a lot of drama too, secrets that later get revealed thanks to alcohol and an addictive story line.

You’re the worst which has each episode running for about 25 minutes, gives you 25 minutes of utter entertainment. It balances the comedy with the drama and the character traits are vividly portrayed by the splendid casting. I am backed up by the excellent reviews it got from several critics and reviewers who also think it is worth anybody’s time.

The best news is it has been renewed for season two so it will be returning to our screens soon. I greatly recommend this one.


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