A few days ago I wrote about how much I think slang is annoying and only appropriate for high school students, and I got a lot of people agreeing with me and several others disagreeing. The best conversation to come from this was one with a friend of mine. Apparently he has more problems with the language of these days and not just slang.

There is this thing females love to do while texting and the most annoying ones even while speaking. “Cute–n-ing” every word. The word “Cute–n-ing” doesn’t exist, I made it up to aid vivid elaboration. Anyway, what I mean is they love making a couple of words sound a lot cuter than they already are.

Fine we get it, females are supposed to be cute and soft and pretty and adorable… yeah yeah yeah! We get all that. But when you use words like “sowi”, “fwend”, “chweetie”, “aaaawkay” and the rest, that’s a little too unnecessary don’t you think?

I guess, once in a while its fine, as a joke or mockery depending on the moment, however I’ll never really understand that “Good morning chweetie” text every morning. Umm…did I miss the joke or something!? Or what’s with the mockery this early morning!? What have I done? What have I said? You don’t have to try and sound cute every morning. Especially if you are cute because by default everything that comes from that mouth on your pretty face sounds cute.

Where this sort of “adorableness” came from! Nobody really knows, but it’s a trend. Am willing to bet it’s from babies. All these words and the rest sound like pronunciations adopted from babies. So how a 20+ adult chooses to use them every day is the problem this buddy of mine has.

I won’t lie, I think it’s cute. Actually very cute. From a 4 year old, yeah it’s cute as hell. Okay, and from a 20+ who knows when to use it without being irritating.

The worst case scenario are those females, in the middle of a conversation you crack a joke and you get no laughter. Not because your joke is lame, but she’s too cool to laugh so she simply says “LOL.” My Godddddddd!!! How annoying is this? How so very annoying this is? I’ll just stop here to avoid a post full of frustration. But yeah, picture all the above.


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