You all know how men and women, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters that share the same toilet often fight about the toilet seat.

The females say it should be left down and the men say it should be left up. This is because females always need the seat down in order to use the toilet whereas men need the seat up to use the toilet. They are all always trying to fight for their convenience.

Well toilet seat wars have gone on for as far as since the toilet seat was invented by John Herrington in 1596.

No permanent solution has ever been established until…

(Continue for my story)

A while ago my big sister and I were left at my parent’s ranch alone to take care of things while the ranch manager was away. Living together meant we had to find a solution to the toilet seat problem because we often quarreled about it. So we devised a means.

We decided that the toilet seat shall be down at all times. So that we all have the same effort of putting it up whenever we need to use the toilet.

And voilaaahhh!!! Problem solved. We never ever quarreled about the toilet seat ever again.

There you have it, a very simple solution to the toilet seat war. Thank me later.


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