The word “slang” is a noun and according to word web my computer dictionary app, slang is defined as “Informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions; often vituperative or vulgar” or “A characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)”

Slang as used by almost everyone at one point in life comes to our convenience because it makes communication much easier. It takes words and meanings then twists them to make their use easier to understand (by a certain group), easier to text and easier to speak.

At an acceptable stage in life, almost everyone will adapt to the use of slang mostly from peer influence or just to fit into a particular society that uses certain jargons. I used it at one point but when the time came I easily accepted change and I let it go.

Now my problem with slang is that people do not seem to know when to let go and use proper English. Here in Uganda for instance, you find that slang is mostly used in high school. High school is that level where everyone finds slang immensely cool and adopting to it is something the society happily embraces. English is totally twisted and a couple of words will be replaced by more convenient jargons.

For example we have words like “daso” for soda, “transi” for transport, “taku” for taxi, “kube” for give, “cab” for get et cetera. Let me use these words in a sentence;


My biggest issue with slang is when University or working people use this kind of language in their text and speech. If I heard the above sentence from high school students, I swear to God I’d pay them no mind because I’ve been there, done that and I understand why they are doing it. However from a university student, am sorry I may not be as understanding. I mean grow up people. That’s a fixation that you should have dropped as soon as you got your university admission letter.

What do you expect society that looks at you as a mature elite (no matter your course) to think of you? You find a fully bearded hairy fellow blubbering heavy high school slang while making a presentation in front of his classmates. Really man!? Slang!? That’s the way you chose to go.
I think it doesn’t matter whether it’s used informally where it’s acceptable and expected. By virtue that you are now a grown up you should have the self-respect to let your language and speech mature with you. Give it a chance for Christ’s sake.

My true concern here is, using this kind of language to my understanding lowers what people may think of you. Personally, I have totally brushed out the use of slang from my vocabulary and where it creeps in, it’s an honest unconscious mistake which almost never happens. I find the use of proper English more mature, more respectable and honestly more dignified and it gives society higher regard for you. If I met someone and their English was properly polished and slang was very minimal or hardly there, I’ll immediately assume you are of a certain class of understanding, maturity and reasoning.

Slang used to be cool and still is, but accept change and when the time comes please let it go. You cannot honestly still be using slang at the university or at work. It makes people doubt your maturity to be where you are. If you didn’t adapt to slang then and weren’t cool enough to use it, let it go. You surely missed but using it now won’t make you cool as you assume you are every time you use it.

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