My Ugandan hip hop album of 2014 was “DESTINATION AFRICA” by The Mith from Klear Kut.


Why? Let me tell you why.

The Mith after very much anticipation finally released that album. An album we should have been mad took that long but when you listen to the album you understand that a good meal cannot be rushed. And a good chef, knows when the meal is ready to be served.

I am privileged to be friends with people that manage to get their hands on such exclusive material in the first 24 hours of release. When they brought this album, I was already excited after singles like “Forever on my mind (boojie woojie)” featuring JB (another magnificent Ugandan rapper), “Winner” featuring Tracy and “Go Hard” had rocked with my social circle. At the club, at our places of residence, our phones… I mean everywhere, these 3 songs were always on heavy rotation.

Now, music is not just getting into the booth and laying lyrics on a beat. No, I believe music is art. Music needs not only the gift but the delivery and appeal to the target audience. And this album is art. This album is urban art. The Mith and his team gave us urban art. I am talking about the beats, the hooks, the lyrics and the artists that feature on it. This album is an African album and relating the collaborations with the African artists that feature on it, indeed its destination is Africa.

There is something unique about every track on this album. From track 1 through to 17 we were given a variety of beats, collaborations, concepts, flow and the use of both the local dialect and English put this album to whole other listening level. DESTINATION AFRICA has some of Africa’s finest talent featuring on it, watch out for track number 4 and I must say, the female vocalists on this album are to the dot. These women can sing!!! Be sure to replay track 14.

Moving on, in the past year we have heard people complain that our Ugandan rappers have neglected the Ugandan audience and are targeting the rest of the world. In my opinion, this is the way to go because they have to spread their wings and grow in the industry. It seems however The Mith is not one of those rappers that neglect the Ugandan audience because on this album he caters for both.

We have tracks like “Ndi Steady” which is purely a hood song. Whenever I listen to it I feel like this song is for that hustler on the corner trying to make a shilling from whatever he is doing, even when things are not going as expected as long he is earning something, “ndi steady boss, ndi steady.”

Then there is “Eh mama” which has its chorus picked from a childhood song and Maro delivers it perfectly. This track will capture the kids and the adults, why? The kids still relate to this song used on the chorus and the adults who listen to hip hop, it will spring a lot of memories and the excitement of anything that reminds anyone of their childhood is incomparable. This song is also delivered in both English and Luganda so every class of people can relate.

If I continue to go into the amazingness of every song, I may blubber on for pages and this is meant to be short. So in brief, DESTINATION AFRICA is a well put together album that delivers quality music for everybody.

Listening to this album you will realize that The Mith and the producers that worked on it put in thought, creativity and time. Each song has something different to offer, it has a different feel, different sound and playing this album you will definitely get hooked at how the lyrics and flow glide into the beats.

The Mith is so articulate and every word of every line can be properly heard. The punchlines are effortlessly thought of and how clever they are is just amazing. The Mith is not one of those rappers to drop punchlines that get you googling words to understand what the punchline means, no. His punchlines are smart enough to be understood the first time and they are so catchy you’ll be replaying them over and over again in your head.

VERDICT; DESTINATION AFRICA is definitely one of the best hip hop albums to have come from Uganda in the recent years and The Mith is undoubtedly a hip hop artist to watch out for in 2015. The touch of class on this exceptionally crafted album is standard setter and from The Mith we can only expect better.

“And now we wait for Klear Kut’s BEAST AFRICAN”

2 thoughts on “MY UGANDAN HIP HOP ALBUM OF 2014

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