Tv Remote Control Wars

Tv Remote control Wars

Tv remote control wars are the most ignored kind of wars. It may not sound serious, and yeah! true they are not but hey…

These wars are usually among siblings. Most families have one television set for all the kids to watch their movies, cartoons and whatever else.

This television set and a number of children in the house is the first sign that as they grow up, their different interests and choices in entertainment will eventually lead to a war. The boys and sporting channels are inseparable, the kids below 13 are all about cartoons and the big girls it’s fashion tv, series and soaps.
Music however, maybe the only compromise because this is a form of entertainment everyone relates to. The difference which may also lead to conflict in music is the different genres. The boy genre is Hip Hop and rap, the girls hate this. The girls go with RnB and sometimes Rock music, the boys hateeeee!!! this. The much younger siblings will pretend to enjoy any genre for it’s just about dancing for them.
Movies try and bring peace and unity for the few hours they are playing. On that note we must commend film companies for those highly anticipation building trailers. The latest movies will have all the siblings put down their armour and share a moment. But as soon as the credits star rolling, the armour is up and peace is down.

Tv remote control wars have the highest form of strategy, it’s almost military. You will find siblings setting alarms, for whoever gets up first and gets the tv remote, they are king for the day. They can watch whatever they want. The early bird caught that worm.
In some other families the tv remote control is split into weeks. Each child has a week where they are king and the remote control is the crown. Peace talks are no stranger to tv remote control wars.
A meeting to agree on particular terms for particular shows at a particular time are often a common scene. They do work; for a second. Till the tv programs clash.

Funny thing is parents always stay out of this, they let the children sort this one out on their own terms. These wars go as far as hiding the tv remote control. It goes missing for days and only shows up when dad wants to watch CNN.
It’s unfortunate that no permanent solutions have been established yet. And looks like these wars are not about to go away. They’ve caused fights, scars and bruises, temporary hatred, quarrels, silent treatment et cetera but tv remote control wars are fun. They eventually build team spirit among the siblings, they learn to share the remote controller and all is good at the end of the day.


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