Am positive everyone by now knows what selfies are. If not, selfies are those pictures you take by yourself. It maybe before a mirror or just holding your out smart phone or digital camera, positioning it and you snap that moment.

Recently a number of people are coming out to make taking selfies seem not okay or not cool but i must applaud whoever started that habit that has spread to as far as the leader of the free world Obama. Yes, Barak Hussien Obama has a Selfie.

Selfies can be justified. You are not always going to have someone around to take your camera phone or digital camera to snap that outfit you want to show the world.
However your self and your mirror will always be there, in the same room, at same spot unless your move it. Standing before it to snap that outfit isn’t rocket science, plus you have enough time to get your best side.

Personally i’ve taken like 3 or 4 selfies, am not ashamed and never will be. The best part of taking selfies is you have all the time to make sure you’re content with the final picture, the one you may choose to upload to facebook, instagram, twitter and other social media. It’s unlike when you trust a buddy to cover a good shot of you and once they upload it and tag you, you find comments like “… look who woke up on the ugly side of the world … ” What??? The only consolation here is you have someone to blame for it. But a Selfie gone wrong is all your fault, you let it happen.

Anyway my point is, selfies are okay and still so damn cool. They came as a genius idea and come on, selfies are pretty much very convenient.

And if you’ve never taken a selfie you need to check yourself, that’s a trend you’re missing. It’ll be replaced real soon.

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