My day today

À day with my favourite girls is always worth something you cannot cash in the bank. We have a lot of fun but at the same time i always learn a lot. These are priceless life lessons that i learn from my girls.

As a single guy,the time will come when “i” becomes “us” and she’ll become one of my top most priorities. The thought of prioritising the wrong girl literally makes me shiver with fear. I hate to have to change just so i can make it work with someone. And it gets worse if she’s the jealous type and “me and my favourite girls time” will have to be compromised.

To honest,my days are mostly average and time away from my usual routine is always a delight. Now see it this way,whenever am hanging with them,it’s a vacation where you do not spend a single penny. It’s total relaxation. Shut out my entire hectic school schedule and just relax. We talk about virtually anything; relationships, money, parents, sex children, the future et cetera. We crack jokes,a lot of jokes, exchange stories about the funny things we see or read about.

But it’s never just conversation. These girls are some of the “realest” people I know. Well i wouldn’t say am 100% sure of that,but so far i can call it (the “realest” people i know). Our conversations have a lot of advice, arguments and personal opinions dominating them. The best part of it all is listening to the experiences each and everyone of them has about a particular topic of discussion. The things i learn from them are mainly personally perceived,throughout all the talk i learn things, mainly things about women, they help me realise some things on the female perspective side of it. And as a guy i help my male race by ironing out some of the clichés and propaganda usually spread about us. For instance girls believe fellows flee whenever she accidentally becomes pregnant. That’s cliché. I repeat,that’s cliché. Not everyone flees,some of us would have never been there in the first place. Big difference.

At the end of the day,i love these girls and not just for the fun. It’s for friendship, the company, the good stories, the jokes and yeah!,free food (am a guy) he he…

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