Joke of The Day

Ronnix,a friend of mine posted this on facebook today and it made my day.


#1. Ugly girls will tag 85 people in a
pic and still
get 2 likes, maybe from her siblings.

#2. When a group of girls wanna take
a pic, they
hand over the camera to her. If
you’re that girl,
then you’re ugly.

#3. If no guy has ever paid your
transport fare in
a public bus, then you have to do
about your

#4. Whenever there is a drama
rehearsal in your
church, they always select you to play
the role of
a witch, vampire or demon.

#5. 75% of girls with
sweet names on fb like “Toh cute”,
“Sexy diva queen” are usually very

#6. 70% of girls that support chelsea
are ugly.

I am still kicking with laughter. And let’s be honest people,think about it. This is actually true to a certain percentage. Ladies especially,this might give you something to think about.
Am not criticising or anything,am just saying looking at the hilarious perspective of it.

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